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Universitätsbibliothek Medizinische Universität k.A., Wien

Contact Mag. Elisabeth Erasimus
Street Währinger Gürtel 18-20
City 1097 Wien
Phone 0043/1 40160 26 120
Country/State Austria
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User seats per 1.000 members of the primary user group 31
Employees (FTE) per 1.000 members of the primary user group 2,88
Expenditures on literature and information per member of the prim. user gr. 238
Percentage of Expenditure f. Information Provision spent on the electr. Collection 93,3
Opening hours per week 103
Library visits per capita of the primary user group 65
Virtual Visits (Sessions) per capita of the primary user group n/a
User training participants per 1.000 members of the primary user group 202
Immediate media availability (%) 90,0
Library expenditure per capita (active borrowers) (in euros) 949
Ratio of acquisition expenditures to staff costs 154
Workflow productivity (media processing) 3.287
Workflow productivity (circulation services: loans and interlibrary loans) 24.703
Staff training (days) 7,8
Percentage of university means allocated to the library 1,2
Percentage of library means received through third-party and special funds 2,8
Percentage of library staff providing and developing electronic services 11,6
Basis data
Number of libraries incl. branches (locations) 3
User workplaces in total 358
Members of the primary user group 11.378
Total number of staff (in FTE) 32,79
Spending on media acquisition, incl. binding (in euros) 2.710.055
Spending on media acquisition: digital/electronic media (in euros) 2.509.250
Spending on media acquisition, excl. binding (in euros) 2.688.336
Opening hours per week (main library) 103
Library visits 743.206
Virtual library visits n/a
Training participants 2.298
Circulation without prolongations and reservations (in media units) 70.696
Circulation without prolongations plus interlibrary loan orders (passive) (in media units) 78.527
Current spending, excl. capital investment (in euros) 4.753.233
Registered (active) users (institution members) 5.009
Staffing costs (in euros) 1.762.382
Acquisitions (in media units) 12.456
Number of staff: media processing (in FTE) 3,79
Number of staff: circulation and interlibrary loan plus document delivery service (in FTE) 3,50
Circulation (without prolongations) plus active and passive interlibrary loan orders 86.460
Employees’ advanced training (in days) 238
Number of staff paid by funding body (in FTE) 30,52
Library means provided by funding body (without third-party funds, plus capital investment) 4.630.578
Institution means (without third-party funds and special funds) 373.863.133
Generated funds, third-party funds and special funds of the library 133.005
Library means in total (incl. capital investment) 4.763.583
Number of staff for electronic services (in FTE) 3,80